About Me


I am a passionate Unity Developer working in the AR/VR industry for the past 5 years. During that time, I have started 4 VR startups ranging from 360 video production services to Location Based Entertainment. My role as CTO and founder has given me both creative and technical roles, and I have worked with major fortune 500 companies as well as Grammy award winning musicians, actors, and creatives.

Creating and running multiple startups means I have had to wear multiple hats over the years. This has given me an extensive understanding over a broad range of topics, from backend web apps to a wide variety of 3D immersive technologies. While coding has been my main strength, I can also handle 3D modeling, rigging, and animations, and custom shaders. I also consider myself a tech-artist, have built large scale sculptures for projection  mapping, multi-touch tables, immersive CAVEs, and interactive exhibits. Some of my recent work has even been featured on Ars-Electronica.

Prior to AR/VR development, I studied Nuclear Particle Physics and conducted research at Brookhaven National Lab. My PhD focused on how mass is generated in the early universe, and has given me strong data visualization and analysis experience while analyzing large data sets on a distributed platform using C++ and PostgreSQL. I have a high-level understanding of abstract Mathematics and work well with multi-dimensional data sets. I have developed several data visualization tools, including a node graph tool for viewing Twitter data in real-time, as well as a user interface for viewing large volumes of financial data spatially within Unity. I am capable of developing enterprise level software tools end-to-end solutions from the ground up.

Honesty, integrity, quality, and competency are extremely important to me and how I define myself and run my companies.

Why Work With Me

Unity3D • AR/VR • UX/UI

I have a broad range of technical skills. These range from Physics to Data Analysis, Statistics, Mathematical Modeling, Algorithms, Computer Vision, Unity Development, Video Production, Mixed Reality Capture, Motion Capture, 3D Scanning, Volumetric Video Capture, and AR/VR development with Magic Leap, Hololens, Oculus Rift, Quest, and ARKit/ARCore.

I have a high level understanding of software architecture and game design, and have worked on platforms including Oculus Quest, Magic Leap, and HoloLens. I am capable of taking the lead on technical projects as well working with clients and international teams. 

I have in depth knowledge on a wide variety of 3D immersive technologies. While coding has been my main strength, I can also handle 3D modeling, rigging, and animations,  and custom shaders.